Need some guidance while exercising at home? Check out some of our fitness videos! Click on the link to open the video in another tab.

Upper Body:

Bicep Curls / Shoulder Press

Triceps and Back

Hammer Curls

Easy Lightweight Shoulder Workout

Upper Body: Pull and Push


Core Exercises

Core Plus!

Legwork: Using Your Core At All Times

Full Body:

Full Body Workout Using Dumbbells

Back, Legs, Core Stabilizing Muscles

Push Ups:

Push Up Tutorial

Controlling Movement During Push Ups

Pulsating Push Ups #1

Pulsating Push Ups #2

Pulsating Push Ups #3

Push Up Variations


300 Workout #1

300 Workout #2

  • 300 Workout Instructions: Do each exercise shown 30 times!

Walk and Exercise (Low Impact)

Game: Temple Run