WKC 2017 Nationals

Congratulations to our Elite students for competing this year at WKC Nationals. We are so proud of all your hard work and dedication. Here are the 2017 National Team Results.

It was a cool weekend with excellent coaching, supportive parents, cheerleaders and Penguins – Pittsburgh Penguins, that is. They were staying at the same hotel where the event took place and signed autographs for everyone that wanted one.

Well done, team. We are so proud that you will be representing  Canada again this year.


KJS Tournament 2017

Elite represented this year again at KJS, not only by bringing home a few medals, but by being an awesome team!

Congratulations to all Elite team members who took part. We are a strong team, performing well in Traditional Kata. We brought home 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze in the Traditional Kata division.

We also brought home a Bronze in Traditional Weapons and a Gold in Continuous Light Contact Kickboxing.

Thank you to all team members for their hard work and especially to Sensei Marie for her dedication and support. Thank you too to Renshi Guy for helping us all prepare for these tournaments.


Competing and participating in Martial Arts is a journey; a journey that poses challenges. As parents and as instructors we need to support our children by offering encouragement – whether they win or lose. We support them in their training and learning. We support them when they feel defeated and we lift them up when they are down. As parents and instructors we let them face their failures as they are building blocks to triumph.

We are privileged as parents and as instructors to follow their martial arts journey.

At Elite Martial Arts, the success is in the journey itself.

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