Karate Instructor

I have been studying karate since 2001. I started when I was 31 years old.

3rd Degree Black Belt

Most Memorable Moment:

My most memorable moment was when I graded for my 2nd Degree Black Belt alongside my son, Tyler who was grading for his Adult Black Belt.

Most Memorable Instructor: 

I have had the privilege of studying with some amazing instructors. My favourite would be Renshi Guy, followed by Sensei Gerry as a very close 2nd favourite. Sensei Rick is also a strong influence. I I am so grateful to have gained some of my best friends through the Elite Martial Arts Family.

Signature Karate Move: 

Back Stance Shuto or Defensive Reverse Punch

Biggest Struggle: 

My biggest struggle is trying to juggle home life with karate.

Biggest Accomplishment: 

My biggest accomplishment is earning my first black belt.

Why did you join karate? 

I joined karate in hopes it would help be de-stress.

Long Term Goals: 

I would love to get back into the shape I was in when I graded for my 1st Degree Black Belt.