Student and Part-Time Instructor

I had previously studied martial arts as a teenager and I returned to martial arts with Elite when I was 46 years old. I have been with Elite for 13 years.

3rd degree black belt

Most memorable moment at Elite:

Preparing and grading for my first black belt at Elite and sharing this experience with like-minded individuals

Most influential instructor:

Guy Ouellette – always makes the classes interesting and challenging

Signature Karate Move:

Kicking and specially the rear leg roundhouse kick

Biggest Struggle:

My biggest struggle is push ups and regaining my physical conditioning

Biggest accomplishment in karate:

Never giving up and always learning

Why did I start studying martial arts?

I had previously enjoyed martial arts as a teenager and I knew that martial arts would motivate me and inspire me physically and mentality.

Long Term Goals:

I aim to maintain my physical fitness and to also keep growing and learning as a martial artist and as a person.