Karate Instructor

I started studying karate since 2006 when I was 8 years old.

Most Memorable Moment:

My most memorable moment was when I earned my Junior Black Belt

Most Influential Instructor: 

Renshi Guy has been the most influential instructor because he always motivates me to do better.

Signature Karate Move:

Defensive Hook Kick

Biggest Struggle while Studying Karate: 

My biggest struggle is that I tend to over-think during competitions.

My Biggest Accomplishment while Studying Karate: 

Although I am very proud to have won numerous medals and had the opportunity to represent Canada on many occasions, my biggest accomplishment would be when I won the World Championship title in Orlando in 2015.

Why Did you Want to Study Karate? 

I used to attend my brother’s karate practices and instead of just standing by watching him, my father figured I may as well join too. The rest is history.

Long Term Goals: 

My priority right now is to focus on my studies.