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RainSoft was founded in 1953 and I became a Dealer in 2000. We treat / test city and well water. We service and install Reverse Osmosis, Whole house carbon filters, water softeners, iron/sulphur systems, ultra violet lights and much more. Lifetime warranty and we service 150 km around Ottawa.


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Martin Barrett –

2006, 07, 08, 09, 10 Consumers Choice Gold Winners

A+ Rating with BBB, Honour Roll Complaint-free status

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RainSoft of Ottawa – Eternally Pure Water Systems, INC
5450 Canotek Road, Unit 66-67
Ottawa, Ontario  K1J 9G5
Tel – (613) 742-0058
Fax – (613) 742-4209
Our Solution to Water is Perfectly Clear


Company name:  Pumpkins and Peanuts
Elite member:  Oliver Beck
Small blurb:  I make natural products for the whole family.  My skin care products include, but are not limited to, moisturizers, lip care, face masks, and soap.  I have bath treats for adults and children, as well as many Mommy and Baby items.  Products can be customized for birthday parties, weddings, and other events.
Discount:  Elite members could receive 13% off web purchases via a discount code entered at checkout.  E-mail me for details.