Join us for our Sculpt & Fit class or let us tailor a program just for you while training in a one-on-one Personal Training Program.

Sculpt & Fit

Come and have a great time at Elite fitness, with energetic and qualified instructors. Our interval fitness program is designed to give you the following benefits:

  • Body transformation
  • Build self-confidence
  • Positive self- image (sense of well being)
  • Learn about teamwork
  • Improve flexibility
  • Strengthen bone density
  • Increase your speed and reaction time (mentally and physically)
  • Improve cardiovascular and anaerobic fitness
  • Gain muscle strength
  • Lose body fat (%)
  • Lose and manage stress
  • Meet friends

SenseiMarieOur members achieve amazing results because we offer the most complete package of energetic workouts, positive teaching methods, and in class peer support. The Sculpt and Fit program is designed to take every individual to their own maximum so they can receive maximum results.

Beyond the dojo, I have maintained a gruelling pace and I’m actively involved in promoting fitness and well-being throughout the community. Since 2001, I have assisted Ottawa Senators Conditioning Coach, Chris Schwarz, in the off-ice preparation, testing of professional NHL athletes and help them revise their on-ice combative skills. I have also been an enthusiastic promoter of the fitness and athletic development of children throughout the region. As part of the curriculum in a number of Ottawa area high schools, I have provided programs for anti-bullying and self-defense, enhanced conditioning, and sports training. Large corporations, such as Bell Canada, have also engaged me to provide interactive fitness training and conditioning for their employees.

I teach members that the “ steady pace, wins the race “attitude, will take you to your goal. Combine this with healthy training, healthy eating, and a healthy life style, and you will feel the difference!

Each student that enters the program is weighed, has their body fat percentage measured, their body measurements documented, and their picture taken. All this data will be documented in the students work book. This procedure will be done on a monthly basis, to better evaluate the progress of the student.

On a daily basis, the student is required to document their eating regiment and physical fitness activity in their workbook. We will revue the books in class as a group.

Remember your success is our success!

Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training

1 – Individualized specific training

2 – Provide unlimited nutritional counseling

3 – Body measurements

4 – Motivating & Creative Workouts

5 – Results

Specialised Off-Ice Hockey Fighting Training

1 – Individualized specific training

2 – Striking & blocking abilities

3 – Strategies

4 – Tying up Abilities

5 – Results

Off-Ice Hockey Team Training

1 – Learn to protect yourself on the ice

2 – Striking, blocking & tying up abilities

3 – Learn self-defence & countering strategies

4 – Conditioning core, balance, strenght & explosiveness

5 – Results