I was 6 years old when I started studying with Elite Martial Arts in 2007.
Belt level: 2nd degree black belt

Most memorable moment studying with Elite:

Definitely winning my first karate tournament at 8 years old. I was only a green belt and it was my first ever competition in any sport so I was very nervous. Winning 1st place was such a confidence booster for me.

Who was your most influential instructor at Elite:

Renshi Guy always pushes me to be my best. I am also grateful Sensei Jim has help me build more self confidence.

Signature karate move:

My kicks – especially my roundhouse kick.

Biggest struggle studying karate:

Finding my voice. Kiaing (yelling) loudly during katas. Renshi Guy is always telling me that I need stronger kiais.

Biggest accomplishment while studying karate:

Earning my second degree black belt and being able to teach and help others with their karate.

Why did you want to study karate in the first place:

My parents introduced me to karate when I was young to help me become more self confident.

Long Term Goals:

Working towards earning my 3rd degree black belt before I go to university.