These are challenging times for everyone. Local businesses are suffering. Front-line workers are exhausted from relentless schedules. Everyone is out of sorts.

Here are some tips to keep yourself healthy during the Covid-19 Restrictions:

1) Keep a Routine. Wake up and go to bed at your normal times. Keep your morning/bedtime regimes and don’t forget to floss!

2) Enjoy well-balanced meals and snacks. With all the Netflix watching, it’s easy to grab a bag of chips or a container of ice cream from the local convenience store. Instead, eat some of those apples or carrots you bought in abundance from your bi-weekly trip to the grocery store.

3) Enjoy the outdoors. Keep walking and take in all that fresh air!

4) Exercise. We will be uploading regular videos for you to practice your karate, fighting, or fitness. It’s either me or old Richard Simmons videos. The choice is yours.

Be safe and reach out to your Elite family. We care about you.