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Elite’s Student Creed

Our Student Creed isn’t just memorized by each and every student, it is also practiced and demonstrated by all of us here at Elite Karate on a daily basis.

Elite isn’t just a Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, it is a family and a way of life.

Our Elite Family is warm and fun. New members welcome!

Student Creed

My goal is to become the best person that I can be

I will achieve this objective by disciplining my body and my mind;

Working to overcome obstacles that hinder my positive growth.

I know this will take discipline; I am ready to make that commitment to myself in order to become the best person that I can be,

and to share this progress with others.

Summer Camps at Elite Karate

Summer Camps have been taking place during selected weeks at Elite Karate, Martial Arts and Fitness Centre. Nearly 20 kids participated every week, ranging from beginner levels to junior black belts.

summer02Running this year’s summer camps are Renshi Guy, Sensei Krista, Sensei Gelane and other students from Elite Karate, Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.


In addition to practicing 2 hours of karate during the day, kids also made crafts and played games outside. Kids were also invited to make their very own bo staffs. There were water fights, soccer games, football, and even some movies when the weather was unbearably hot.

Friendships were formed, laughs were had and karate was practiced and improved upon.

Summer camps at Elite Karate are fun! Hope to see you next summer!



New Elite Karate Location Coming Soon

Construction is coming to an en end at our new and upcoming location at Orleans’ Kids Kingdom. Our students and parents are excited to move over to our new dojo.  With big observation windows, bright waiting room, and new change rooms, our new place will be a great spot to get fit, kick, punch, and have fun.

Some features of our new location include a distinct and private entrance to our upstairs spot, as well as two separate dojos.newdojo2

We will be welcoming new students for karate – kids and adults alike, as well as participants for fitness and kickboxing classes.

Introductory specials available!


We can’t wait to see you at our new location in the coming weeks. Visit us today at our temporary location, 3791 St. Joseph Blvd. to register, or call (613) 834-0802.

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